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Medieval England: an encyclopedia. Medieval Islamic civilization: an encyclopedia.

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The encyclopedia of Islam 3rd edition. Medieval Jewish civilization: an encylopedia. Trade, travel, and exploration in the Middle Ages : an encyclopedia.

Medieval Jewish Civilization An Encyclopedia Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages

The new Cambridge Medieval history Atlas of the medieval world. Historical atlas of Islam. Online sources New! The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain Offers more than authoritative entries on the literatures of Britain from the fifth to the sixteenth centuries. Lexicons of Early Modern English Lexicons of Early Modern English LEME is a historical database of monolingual, bilingual, and polyglot dictionaries, lexical encyclopedias, hard-word glossaries, spelling lists, and lexically-valuable treatises surviving in print or manuscript from the Tudor, Stuart, Caroline, Commonwealth, and Restoration periods.

British Library Manuscript Glossary A general, illustrated glossary to the terminology of manuscript studies. Database of Latin Dictionaries Access to various latin dictionaries ranging in periods from antiquity to the later medieval period. The texture of society: medieval women in the southern Low Countries. New Middle Ages. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Kittelson, James M. Transue, eds. Rebirth, reform, and resilience: universities in transition, Columbus: Ohio State University Press, Kittler, Friedrich A. Gutenberg und die neue Welt.

Fink, Kivelson, Valerie A.

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Greene, eds. Orthodox Russia: belief and practice under the tsars. Communicating with the spirits. Demons, spirits, witches, no.

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New York: Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, Klein, Joan Larsen, ed. Daughters, wives, and widows: writings by men about women and marriage in England, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, State, science, and modernization in England: from the Renaissance to the modern times: Herborn Symposium, Alstediana, no. Hildesheim; New York: G.

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Olms, Klein, Karl Ludwig, ed. Wege der Shakespeare-Forschung. Wege der Forschung, Darmstadt: Darmstadt Wissenschaftliche Buchges.

Klein, Lawrence E. La Vopa, eds.

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Enthusiasm and Enlightenment in Europe, Klein, Peter K. Klein, Ursula, and E. Spary, eds. Materials and expertise in Early Modern Europe: between market and laboratory. Kleinbauer, W. Eugene, ed.