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Colton offers Vance an opportunity to experiment, physically and emotionally, with his evolving sexuality. However, reaching his full potential for ecstatic pleasure may require the unthinkable for Vance — a three way where he shares and releases power with other men.

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It is the second book in the Men of Rugged Heights series. It can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the series. When the fae play such deadly games, falling in love with one of them can have devastating consequences…. Fickle and capricious, the fae lack a true understanding of human emotions.


Though they can masquerade as human, their behavior inevitably betrays them as something utterly other. When Ichabod bested him at a card game, Sebastian abandoned his human lover, leaving him only with a cursed deck to keep him alive. For a hundred years, Ichabod has waited for his fae lover to return to him. Every day to prolong his life, he must trick an oblivious outsider into choosing a card from a cursed deck — a card that spells everything from a stomach full of bees to a full body swap… to death.

Their reunion is as erotic and dangerous as their time together, with the two exploring the depths of dominance and submission, of pleasure and pain, of sadism and masochism. But can one of the fae truly care for a human? Of All the Odds is a non-traditional love story and modern-day fairy tale of the Grimm variety. The moment Blayze McKnight joins the Pryde pack he knows it is only a matter of time before everyone finds out that he is not what he claims to be. Being the last of his kind, Blayze was never taught the way of the dragon. Because the man he wants he can never claim as his.

After shifting into his true form to save the man he deeply cares for, he runs. Fear of being rejected, Blayze turns his back on the friends and the pack he once called home. And giving up on ever finding his draco corde. His dragon heart. Ryland Burnett has never been wrong before, especially when he follows his gut.

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The day he met Blayze McKnight he knew the man belonged completely to him. And they are mates for life. After being injured in a fight, he wakes up in the hospital expecting to see his mate by his side, only to hear the man is gone. Ryland wastes no time and goes in search of his soul mate. Finding Blayze is the easy part, but what happens next neither expected. Disclaimer: This is not a standalone. This book starts directly after the first book in the Pryde Shifter Series.

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This book also contains Mpreg but is not the focus of the story. Blind Passion by Penny Brandon. Attraction for Adam was not a handsome face, a striking smile, or beautiful eyes, but a scent that would drive him to distraction or a voice that could make his heart beat faster. But how was he supposed to know if Luke felt the same attraction? He had no prior experience, no past encounters, nothing to help him.

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Not even his sight. One look at Adam and Luke wanted him. Sensual, gorgeous, kind, with a strength that Luke was drawn to, Adam was everything Luke desired. Luke was a man with a broken past and falling in love with Adam was a foolish thing to do, especially because Adam would never love him back if he found out what Luke was hiding.

Summer of Sonny by I. Jay Lauer is content with his life. On the bright side, Sonny seems kinda patronizing and dismissive of Jay. Sonny Jacobsen has just gained his doctorate in geophysics from MIT. On a whim he decides to teach kids science lessons at Blue Pine for the summer, a well deserved break after a long and intense academic career. But Jay hardly seems like the academic type, he can barely hold a conversation. Dylan Dosi, lead singer of a famous rock band, battles with his personal demons — an internal battle of hurricane proportions that threaten to overtake him at any given moment.

When their individual perceptions can cause the two men to see things in different lights, can Dylan and Oz learn to trust each other?

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Or will they fall prey to their own self-fulfilling prophecies when yet again no one ever stays? Lazy Sundays by K-lee Klein. Mundane routine helps keep his anxiety and obsessive tendencies under control. However many sparks fly between them, Devon will have his work cut out to convince Scott they can have their happily ever after. This book was first published as 2 short stories, but this new version has double the content from the originals. Modern gay shifters struggle for equality, but history paints a different picture.

When Alpha Ben Blair challenges the status quo, he unintentionally ignites a controversy which divides the community. While Gladstone soon becomes the focus of competing forces, Ben gains new allies who change everything: Evan Reid, a misunderstood Arctic wolf possessing unique gifts, and Jack Eby, an ancient shifter holding the key to their future.

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Join the Gladstone shifters as they find love, acceptance and purpose in a time of monumental change. Expect the unexpected.

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Expectant Moon. The only family Dax claims are his small circle of friends and Deacon. He and Deacon share everything. Or they used to, because nowadays Dax has to make the first move if he wants any kind of face time. So wrong. But nothing ever feels as right as Dax on him, or he on Dax. Once again succumbing to every dirty desire. But Dax is getting tired of the chase, so Deacon has to decide one last time what wins: his fear and shame, or their love. Warning: This is an Avril Ashton creation. And taboo as hell. Expect filth. Multiple partners. A lil angst. Elise has always been the good girl. Doing what others want of her; tending to her demanding father and being a doormat for her non-committal boyfriend. Liam and Cain are more than just friends. And before long, they make her the missing link in their love triangle.

It would seem there is more to the boys than meets the eye and they desperately need someone to believe in them. Will Elise trust them over everything she has ever known? Or will she abandon them, when the going gets tough?