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Local Hero , released in , lacks the comic momentum of Gregory's Girl but makes up for it in several ways: a more global perspective; mature, expansive performances from Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert; a magical sense of landscape.

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It has rightly become a classic. And then, in the late summer of , Forsyth presented his latest comedy to the world: Comfort and Joy , the story of a Glaswegian DJ abandoned by his girlfriend and suddenly finding himself caught up in the city's all too real ice-cream wars. The diary I was keeping at the time records that I found the film "slightly baffling" when I first saw it. The comic brio of Gregory's Girl seemed to have receded even further.

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The pacing seemed to be weighed down by the melancholy of Bill Paterson's central performance. The plot didn't really make sense. I was, in effect, disappointed.

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I didn't quite get it. Yet now, 25 years later, Comfort and Joy is the Forsyth film I come back to most often, and with the most satisfaction. I was even tapped by other relatives to decorate their places and wrap their gifts.

Comfort and Joy

I guess I just have Christmas in my bones. I have great memories of Christmases past and I reflect on them at this time of the year as I celebrate Christmas present. And for me there's no better way to honor the past than with vintage objects. My tree is filled with vintage ornaments I've collected over the years. My father gave me a box of decorations and said, "It's time you started collecting something.

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And yes, I still have most of those ornaments from the original box that started it all. At the moment I've got four trees in my home, and they are all decked with vintage ornaments. I love the way they capture the light and add a certain glow to each room.

Each tree is really a 3-D embodiment of my love of Christmas and of all things vintage. I spend a lot of time under the large tree in the living room. While I decorate each year for my own pleasure, I also take great joy in sharing my trees with loved ones.

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It's fun to see people's reactions when they see vintage ornaments. Nearly everyone says something like "My grandmother had one of these" or "these remind me of my aunt," etc. Vintage ornaments, lights and decorations add that nostalgic, sentimental vibe to a home, and people respond to itespecially at this time of the year. Early German ornaments known as 'kugels' were much heavier and had fancy brass tops. Czech ornaments were often made of glass beads. The list goes on and on This Santa was on my grandmother's tree for decades, and now it is on mine. For example, I've got a dear friend who has her mother's glass ornaments, but she doesn't put up a tree.

Each year, she puts them in a large glass bowl in her entryway, and they bring back good memories without having to create a lot of work for her. Similarly, I have three choirboy candles that were always on my grandmother's buffet in the dining room. When she gave them to me, she recalled that she purchased them at Woolworth's in my hometown. She told me that she didn't have much money that Christmas so they were the only decorations she bought that year. They were special to her, so now they are special to me, and each year when I bring them out, I think of her.

I've also encountered people who didn't have any decorations passed down to them, but they find pieces at flea markets that bring back childhood memories of happy times spent with those people. My grandmother's choirboy candles sit under a vintage bottle brush tree in my bathroom. By now everyone on my gift list knows that they will get at least one vintage gift from me.

Additional Info It's Christmas. Long-buried resentmen's rear their ugly heads as the alcohol flows and tongues are loosened. Comfort and Joy, Mike Harding's comedy, is painfully — but always amusingly — familiar. Casting 5m, 5f, 2m or f. M6 20s, 50s, elderly, 70s F6 late 20s-early 30s, 50s, elderly. Resources Scripts. More Authors.

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