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Emergency Medicine: clinical essentials by Adams, J. Minor Emergencies 3rd ed.

1. Introduction

Buttaravoli; Stephen M. Leffler ISBN: Auerbach's Wilderness Medicine by Paul S.

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Auerbach; Tracy A. Cushing; N. Print textbooks in the Himmelfb Library. Located in the basement book stacks of Himmelfarb Library by call number.

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Cydulka; David M. Cline; Michael T. Fitch; Scott A.

Joing; Vincent J. Wang; O. E K63 Bond; Peter S. Uzelac Call Number: RC B66 Mick Call Number: RC M53 ER Trauma by Novelline, R. Call Number: RC Emergency Medicine Radiography. Emergency Radiology by David T. Schwartz Call Number: RC By Stine RJ, Marcus Download PDF.

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General Approach and Critical Bedside Actions

Principles of medicine in Africa 2nd edition. Clinical and Sports Medicine, 2nd Edition. Other handbooks are dense condensations of information that may be too advanced for new clinicians. This book is targeted for the medical student at the time of his initiation to the ED. The tone is friendly and the text very readable.

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  • General Approach and Critical Bedside Actions.

A pleasant introductory chapter on triage, stabilization, and decision-making opens the text. By Douglas A. Medical students rotating in emergency departments ED requesting reading materials are referred to a variety of texts.

Essentials of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship: Part 4: Beyond Clinical Education.

Reading the individual chapters is a pleasure. Not only do you find what you expect from a standard textbook, but also little surprises that would be a welcome addition to any text. For example, the chapter on obstetricigynecologic emergencies has a table of drug use in pregnancy; the dermatology chapter has tables on drug eruptions; and the toxicology chapter covers dialysis indication.

I felt obliged to test the practicality of the text, so 1 used it during a hour shift in a busy university emergency department. I looked up hematuria, dermatitis, various infections, headache, dizziness, dysrhythmias, burns, and overdose, and this book never let me down. The more I used this text, the more I liked it. In summary, this is an excellent text with outstanding editing and an affordable price. I recommend it highly, and I intend to use it frequently.