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Can love bloom in a dungeon of torture?

The Tortured Secutor is set in AD Rome, where a gladiator freed by an emperor becomes entangled in a web of murder and extortion. His only hope is with the man who loves him, a physician at the Ludus Magnus, gladiatorial training facility at the Flavium Amphitheatrum. Good citizens are hard at work in an effort to save their tortured secutor, if he can hold out long enough for them to put their plan to action. Our stock data is updated overnight, and availability may change throughout the day for in-demand items. She seems defeated and sad. But I have a reason.

We stand in his dimly lit bedroom, for too big for just one person to inhabit. The rope, whip, and blindfold that he just showed me sit on the foot of his bed. I stare at them, a part of me knowing that I want more than anything to let him do this to me, the other part not knowing how to relinquish control. My mouth goes dry. I want nothing more than to let him take complete control of me.

My chest heaves quickly up and down, my breathing uncontrollable at this point. A wicked smile crosses his face once more, and he turns to the bed, grabbing the blindfold. Just inches away from my face he puts his mouth near my ear and breathes lightly on my neck, sending shockwaves throughout my body. My body practically collapses in on itself, but I hold myself up with the last few fibers of my body I still have control of. He slowly slips the blindfold over my head and onto my eyes, blocking out my vision, leaving me with only the sound of his breathing and the touch of his skin.

I unbutton my shirt, pull my t-shirt over my head, and grab her hand, tracing her fingers slowly down my abdomen. Her breath hitches and her lips fall open. Her whole body is tight with tension, waiting for me to release all of it. I reach behind me and grab the rope from the bed. Walking behind her, I pull her arms to meet at her back and begin to tie her wrists together.

The hairs on my body stand up as a wave of pleasure shoots through me from the sound of her gorgeous voice muttering that word. I finish tying her hands together and check the rope, ensuring its hold.

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With her arms behind her back, her chest presses forward, making her dress taut across her breasts. I stand in front of her once more and softly trace the curves of her breasts with my fingers over her dress. Before she can ask me what I mean, I grab a hold of the bottom of her dress and slice it with the pocket knife, creating a large tear up the middle.

I grip both sides and rip it apart, which causes the dress to fall into two pieces and exposes her beautiful body. Her skin glows in the dim light of the bedroom, and is covered only by the thin pieces of lace underwear and bra that she wears. Her skin is smooth and soft, the curves of her body accentuated in the shadows of the overhead light. Her chest rises and falls with heavy breaths, she can barely contain how excited she is and I love it.

I graze my fingers along the edges of her bra, feeling her velvety skin, which prickles under my touch.

Erotic Tales, Vol. 2

Raising the knife to the middle of her bra, I cut it swiftly, allowing her breasts to fall free and push the fabric to the side. Her breasts are perfect curves with small nipples in the middle which harden from the exposure. I cup them with my hands, causing her to squirm from the touch, and stroke her nipples in between my fingers. She complies. I put the tie in her mouth and knot it at the back of her head. She exhales heavily with some incoherent mumble, and I decide to give her some control, but not much at all.

I slip the blindfold off her head, and she blinks a few times to regain her vision.

Her eyes widen at the sight of me in nothing but dress pants and her reaction leads me to chuckle. He sinks down onto his knees, tracing the edges of my panties now. He glides his hands from my hips down to my ankles and takes my underwear with him. He glides his hands back up my legs and his fingers graze over my pubic area, causing me to jolt back from his touch. He rises and grabs my chin in his hand.

He pushes me onto the bed behind me with one movement and pulls me up so my head rests on a pillow. Grabbing each on of my feet, he ties them to the short bed posts at the foot of the bed, spreading my legs wide open. He begins to kiss each of my legs starting from the ankle up to my thighs. He holds the flogger above his head and brings it down on my stomach. All the tails spread out against my abs and my thighs, sending shocks of pain and pleasure right to my core.

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I moan into the tie in my mouth to relieve some of the building tension. I shake my head no. A smile crosses his face and he hits me with it a few more times, my entire front side turning a stinging shade of pink. He drops the whip and in one quick movement, his face is kissing the inside of my thighs. He looks up at me, making eye contact, and sticks his tongue inside my heat. I throw my head back in pure ecstasy, his expert tongue flicking back and forth over my sweet spot.

He continues his delicious torture with his tongue, and begins to rub my clit with his fingers, creating fireworks behind my eyes. All the tension in my body coils up into a tight ball centered behind his fingers, and with just a few more strokes, explodes into a thousand sparks raining down over me.

I scream into the tie which muffles my voice, and behind my shouting I can hear him encouraging me. His cock stands hard and long, and my mouth waters again at the thought of it being inside me.

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He slides a condom over it and inches toward me. A moan escapes from my covered mouth and my breathing heavies again.

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Every hair on my body stands in anticipation of him entering me. He kneels in between my legs, stroking his cock and staring at me. His eyes bore deep into mine and for a moment, I want to do nothing for the rest of my life besides submit to him. While holding eye contact, he slams inside me with one large thrust.

Video 2 Sexy Erotic Story (VIDEO, REAL PEOPLE SHARING) by Carry from Ohio.

I cry out in a combination of pain and pleasure, but my yell is of course muffled. His cock fills me entirely, hitting that extra sensitive spot inside me over and over again. He pounds in and out of me repeatedly, causing my breasts to bounce up and down. His eyes lock on them, and he reaches his hands up and grabs them, toying with my nipples once more.

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He continues his relentless thrusting, building my orgasm more and more with each pump. I moan his name in return, but it comes out as unintelligible mumbling. He lowers one of his hands to my clit and begins swirling his fingers in delectable circles once more. Sparks start shooting off in my body as I near the edge, ready to fall off the cliff into my next orgasm. I run into the bedroom where my stuff is and shove the phone under the pile of torn clothing.

Antonio comes into the house and I hear the door close.

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When I enter the kitchen, I see him dishing out the Chinese food onto plates. He turns his head back to me and smiles. I smile in return, a genuine, heartfelt smile. I feel very happy in this moment.

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  • He places the plates down onto the table and motions for me to sit. I glance up and see him smirking at me. We laugh and continue to eat. He seems a bit shocked that I asked him such an honest question, but not truly fazed by it.