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In the following interview, they talk about why leaders need to adjust their leadership style for inclusion purposes, how to best manage diverse groups of people, the problems that arise if you don't manage diversity, and more.

Jane Hyun And Audrey S. Lee: Switch Your Leadership Style To Manage Diversity

Dan Schawbel: Can you explain the art of "flexing", why leaders struggle with it and the payoffs if you do it right? Jane Hyun and Audrey S.

So we have to learn how to do this — how to meet each other partway, which means considering and understanding a different experience and point-of-view. It mig. And studies show that there is a payoff for organizations who leverage their diverse talent. How can they best manage people who are different in order to make the company more successful?

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And in 10 years, three out of four workers globally will belong to the Millennial Generation. So, even though leaders may not think of themselves as global leaders, they still have to consider the reality of the changing workforce. We all have to understand that diversity can be an asset to be leveraged rather than just tolerated. When managing people who are different from you, leaders have to start with self-awareness — understand your own background, influences, values, perspectives.

Recognize how that shapes who you are and the value you bring to the company. Then you have to be curious about those who come from different backgrounds. How do they communicate and what might be impacting them? What is their leadership style and is it effective for your organization? Language eng.

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Edition First edition. Extent xxvii, pages. Isbn Link www. Label Flex : the new playbook for managing across differences Title Flex Title remainder the new playbook for managing across differences Statement of responsibility Jane Hyun and Audrey S.

Audrey Lee: "Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences" - Talks at Google

Lee ; with Leslie Miller Link www. Library Locations Map Details. East Anaheim Branch Borrow it. Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Library Links. Embed Experimental. She got the crowd engaged and many mentioned that they really enjoyed attending. She was more than gracious to sign books and take photos.

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MPHONLINE | Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences

Hopefully one day, we can have her back. She is an excellent trainer, speaker, and coach who while, being growth oriented and frank about stretching our comfort zones, conveys her message with genuine care. Her high energy presentation style is appropriate for any level of corporate audience.

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Results include initiatives that foster a competitive business advantage. Your exercise on feedback was referenced several times by participants the day after your session.

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The programs were outstanding and several of our colleagues are still recounting some of your messages.