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This should be viewed as a generative process. There are no expectations for polished drafts at this stage.

Science Fiction and Myth

During the workshop, which is held online via Zoom, writers will be reading their stories and then receiving roundtable feedback. At the end of the course, participants will work on the revision of stories generated in workshop, which will be presented during the final two meetings.

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Participants are expected to have access to a computer with Internet connections and a webcam. Headphones are suggested.

Access to Pinterest and YouTube are suggested, but not required for this course. Besides looking at pop culture elements, this exhibit also examines how science fiction interacted with the advances of science, the changes in technology, and shifts in American society. Attention also is given to the fans of science fiction, individuals such as the legendary Forrest Ackerman, as well as fan organizations.

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Islamicates: A new chapter in the intersection between Islam and sci-fi | Mahmud el-Shafey | AW

Lovecraft, which has been at least as influential as Frankenstein, mankind encounters nothing but abject horrors from outer space. Since then, a plethora of terrifying extraterrestrials have been portrayed in narratives from John W.

Campbell, Jr. The average science fiction fan is more likely to conjure up the image of a toothy, acid-bleeding xenomorph than he or she is to visualize a benevolent Grey when someone asks him or her to think of an alien. Apocalyptic fiction has been a prime sub-genre for crossing science fiction and horror.

Intersections: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Earthly germs ultimately come to the rescue in H. Today, nuclear war seems distant and less threatening, but our appetite for apocalyptic tales is undiminished. The main difference is that writers and filmmakers have set the Bomb aside in favor of ravening hordes of zombies. Whether centered on brain-devouring shamblers or plagues or nuclear war, the message of apocalyptic fiction is this: the future is scary, and the world could go bad at any time.

The same kind of caution underlies most other science fiction horror stories.