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With that in mind:. This is a quote I am really trying to live by this year. See if I can use this incredible opportunity to really grow my blogs and help more people. I copped a lot of flack for it because, well, people were reading it on a blog and confused about whether they should stop or proceed. The point I was trying to get across, however, was that I had found that reading blogs had become a huge source of distraction. It was as if the distraction was dressed up as knowledge. I was telling myself I needed to know this stuff. As we all know, every day there are ,, new blogs created.

And if you want to stand out amongst all that noise you need a solid brand. Part of that brand is your voice. Our medium is still primarily a written one and thus if you want people to engage with you then you need to sound like your worthwhile listening to. That conversational tone is hard to find but very important.

This kind of thing means the world to a blogger like me who is still trying really hard to get it all right. If you are going to work from home as a blogger you have to run it the same as any business. That means marketing, sales, staff, accounting, security and all that other boring stuff. After all, you should really just be working on writing and business development. But it is very important to realize that you need to treat your blogging as you would any business. Take it seriously, especially if it is the thing that feeds your family.

Glen and I have both spoken about that nervous feeling you get before you hit publish.

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The real accountability, however, is to yourself. If you go out drinking instead of publishing a new article then you only have yourself to blame. If you sleep in instead of working, same deal. When you work for yourself it really is just yourself to keep you motivated. Some people must imagine that working from home is all cafes and lunch time tennis and midday movies.

Actually, working for yourself is more like late night troubleshooting, lonely hours brainstorming creative campaigns and not having any food to eat because you were too busy to shower today and get down to the shop. Here are some warning signs:. It might seem trivial but once these stresses creep in they can be very hard to solve.

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Think of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Stress is a lot like that.

Does any of this ring a bell? This is a tremendous source of energy and inspiration. If you work hard for your readers they will work hard to support you. Tweet this. The best thing to do, now that you are aware of all this, is start to put in place some strategies to mitigate any of the bad stuff. As always, this is just a list of things to get started on the topic. And what resources would help people reading this? Feel free to link to your articles if you have something relevant. See all similar articles in this category Good post, Glen.

I liked the part where you talked about anxiety coming from fear of disappointing your readers. Keep plugging away! Yeah people really believe that it is a piece of cake to care of a blog. And yes it can cause lot of stress on yourself, with unbalanced meals like I usually do, or the relationships around you and that includes all of them: boyfriend, family, friends. I think your writing voice is the reason that the increased posting strategy doesnt bother me. Thats when you know your good. Mo money mo problems.

Glad to hear about the posts.

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I believe it. Derek Sivers talks about that a lot in his book. Some people try to build big companies when they should focus on what matters… Happiness. The burden of ownership.. Definitely once our basic needs are met more stuff, more money etc. Thanks for the article Ramsay, I really appreciate the way you write, I feel the voice you use makes your blog one of the most accessible on the net.

Some people think this leads to passivity, but if you do it right it actually boosts your productivity and helps you engage much more deeply and effectively in life. We should all do it. I honestly believe it should be taught in schools. Yeah, definitely! No wonder you are such a succesful blogger: this is a great article as always. I was trying to follow your advice and not reading blogs but yours is difficult not to read.

Yeah, when you start afresh as a blogger everything seems great and it is but along the way you can come to a point like the one in your article.

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason

You struggle to advance. Reading this blog post must be a good reason to keep going. One quick off topic question: what do bloggers do when they retire? I really find your posts inspiring, helping me to create a routine to success! Please go on writing your tips and sending them directly to my email… love to see your teasers in my inbox! By the way, I could really use some more help on the scheduling side, I find hard, as a working mum of a 5 years old daughter to identify a spacetime all for my blog.

I have a dear friend who is doing her PhD while raising a little girl.

She knows that I work outside home everyday, all the day. All very excellent points Ramsay. I like your point 3 about constant work and passive income.


New subscriber here! First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blog and sharing your knowledge with us! I heartily agree with the commenter in 5; reading your posts really does feel like chatting with a friend. I fully agree with 1 and I think it is definitely one of the most difficult challenges because as bloggers we aim for perpetual growth and not some magical number.