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Pachypodium have a habit of living on rocky outcrops, steep hillsides, and inselbergs, which raise them above any surrounding flora and create micro-climates that may be different from the general climate of that region.

As a result they are subjected to fluctuating moisture, high winds, and extremes in temperatures. They prefer sunny, xeric conditions, and often live in rock fissures with only small amounts of poor soil. To survive such conditions they store water in their trunks to last through periods of extreme drought.

Growing Pachypodiums

Description: The flowers are white, waxy, and tinged purple-pink, pollinated by moths, resembling those of Plumeria. The bloom period is from February to May, but may only bloom after the plant is several years old.

Pachypodium of Madagascar

The stem is bottle shaped, often wider than it is tall, growing to 1. It becomes papery and tears with age. Branches appear above the main stem and are covered with thick spines.


Leaves appear all along the branches being light green, smooth, and somewhat shiny with a white midriff. Care: It is considered to be one of the easiest pachypodium to grow in cultivation as it is a rapid grower and tolerates lower temperatures.

Madagascar Palms Pest and Diseases

Maintain the substrate moist for seedlings and keep them away from direct sunlight for a couple of months. Young plants will grow relatively fast. When they reach the height of about 1 inch 3cm , you can repot them into individual pots making them the same soil combination you did for planting. Pachypodium Maintenance.

Place: Mature Pachypodium can endure strong, summer sunshine. You need to find a well-lit spot in the garden or terrace for it, and during winter it needs to be in the house. Substrate: This plant grows on a poor, sandy soil in nature, so you need to provide it with similar conditions. The best mixture is the one you can find in a Cactus mix, with an addition of another layer of sand on the surface.

How To Grow Pachypodium From Seeds

In order to improve the substrate drainage, add some perlite or pebbles or something else. Repotting: These plants can be repotted in spring, when the sunlight during the day last s for at least 12 hours. During that occasion, you should pick a bit bigger pot than the last one. Be careful to repot the plant on the same high it was before. Watering: Watering rules are the same ones that apply to Cacti and other plants with Caudex.

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Madagascar Palm Care

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