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Style I was superseded by Style II in the late 6th century. This later style has more fluid and graceful animals, but these still writhe and interlace together and require patient untangling. The great gold buckle from Sutton Hoo is decorated in this style.

St Bede, St Boniface and the Anglo Saxons

At the tip of the buckle, two animals grip a small dog-like creature in their jaws and on the circular plate, two snakes intertwine and bite their own bodies. Such designs reveal the importance of the natural world, and it is likely that different animals were thought to hold different properties and characteristics that could be transferred to the objects they decorated. The fearsome snakes, with their shape-shifting qualities, demand respect and confer authority, and were suitable symbols for a buckle that adorned a high-status man, or even an Anglo-Saxon king.

The five senses on the Fuller Brooch. Anglo-Saxon, late 9th century AD. Animal art continued to be popular on Anglo-Saxon metalwork throughout the later period, when it went through further transformations into the Mercian Style defined by sinuous animal interlace in the 8th century and then into the lively Trewhiddle Style in the 9th century. Trewhiddle-style animals feature in the roundels of the Fuller Brooch , but all other aspects of its decoration are unique within Anglo-Saxon art. Again, through a careful unpicking of its complex imagery we can understand its visual messages.

Awesome Anglo-Saxon facts!

At the centre is a man with staring eyes holding two plants. Around him are four other men striking poses: one, with his hands behind his back, sniffs a leaf; another rubs his two hands together; the third holds his hand up to his ear; and the final one has his whole hand inserted into his mouth. Together these strange poses form the earliest personification of the five senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing, and Taste. This iconography can best be understood in the context of the scholarly writings of King Alfred the Great d.

Throughout the period, the Anglo-Saxons expressed a love of riddles and puzzles in their metalwork. Behind the non-reflective glass in the newly opened Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Gallery of Sutton Hoo and Europe AD — , you can do like the Anglo-Saxons and get up close to these and many other objects to decode the messages yourself. Map Data. Terms of Use. Report a map error. Curator's corner Decoding Anglo-Saxon art The intricate designs of Anglo-Saxon brooches, buckles, and other pieces of decorative metalwork are not just pretty decoration, they have multi-layered symbolic meanings and tell stories.

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More stories. His house is long. There is no windows in Anglo-Saxons houses.

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Anglo-Saxons villages are usually s m a l l. Anglo-Saxons loved eating and drinking and they usually had feasts at the hall.

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The food was roasted over the fire. They drank mead and ale.

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Some Anglo-Saxons were vegetarians because they don't often eat meat. The Anglo-Saxons were pagans when they were in Germany but when they came to England they followed Christianity. The Anglo-Saxons believed in many gods like:. Anglo -Saxons.

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Food Anglo-Saxons loved eating and drinking and they usually had feasts at the hall. Religions The Anglo-Saxons were pagans when they were in Germany but when they came to England they followed Christianity.

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  • The Anglo-Saxons believed in many gods like: God God of what? God of Immoratality. Goddess of birth. Goddess of love.