2) case" by Krzysztof Galkowski." />
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Title: Upper bounds for the number of zeroes for some Abelian integrals.

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Authors: Armengol Gasull , J. Title: Formule de Fateev. Comments: Rewritten and expanded with several new results; 15 pages. PR ; Complex Variables math. Title: Modular absolute decomposition of equidimensional polynomial ideals. Authors: Cristina Bertone. Comments: 27 pages, preliminary version, comments are welcome.


AC ; Symbolic Computation cs. Title: Structure and K-theory of crossed products by proper actions. Authors: Heath Emerson , Siegfried Echterhoff. Title: The Cuntz semigroup, a Riesz type interpolation property, comparison and the ideal property. Authors: Cornel Pasnicu , Francesc Perera.

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Comments: This is a revision of a previous submission. OA ; Rings and Algebras math. Title: Moebius Schrodinger. Authors: Jean Bourgain. Title: Asymptotics of visibility in the hyperbolic plane. Authors: Pierre Calka , Johan Tykesson. Comments: 17 pages, preliminary version. Version 2: minor corrections and a minor structural change.

Authors: Soren Riis , Maximilien Gadouleau. IT ; Logic in Computer Science cs. LO ; Combinatorics math. Title: Tracing light propagation to the intrinsic accuracy of space-time geometry. Authors: Mariateresa Crosta. Comments: 15 pages, 5 figures. Revised version, references and appendixes added. PRD re-submitted. Title: On the limit behavior of metrics in continuity method to Kahler-Einstein problem in toric Fano case.


Authors: Chi Li. Comments: 18 pages, 2 figures. The theorem proving that the metric completion agrees with the Gromov-Hausdorff limit has been removed because it cites sources which have not yet been made public. Journal-ref: Compositio Math. Title: Orbit determination of space objects based on sparse optical data. Authors: A. Milani , G. Tommei , D. Farnocchia , A. Rossi , T. Schildknecht , R. Subjects: Space Physics physics.

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Title: Selected results on Lie supergroups and their radial operators. Authors: Alan Huckleberry , Matthias Kalus. Title: Kreck-Stolz invariants for quaternionic line bundles. Authors: Diarmuid Crowley , Sebastian Goette. Comments: We extended the scope of the definition of our central invariant and significantly improved the presentation: to appear in the Transactions of the AMS. Title: Characterizations of projective spaces and hyperquadrics. Comments: Supersedes the paper arXiv Authors: Chao-Zhong Wu.

Journal-ref: Rev. SI ; Mathematical Physics math-ph.

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Authors: Georges Dloussky , Andrei Teleman. Subjects: Complex Variables math. Title: Poisson algebras of block-upper-triangular bilinear forms and braid group action. Authors: Leonid Chekhov , Marta Mazzocco. Comments: 22 pages, 1 figure, 2nd version substantially elaborated: added: introduction, references, algebroid integrability condition, quantum braid-group action; 3rd version: added Lemma 4.

Subjects: Mathematical Physics math-ph ; Symplectic Geometry math. Authors: Robert Zeier , T. Title: Geometric approach to Hall algebra of representations of Quivers over local ring. Authors: Zhaobing Fan. Comments: Simplify some proofs and some other revisions on the earlier version. Baseilhac , S. Authors: Dmitry Sh.

Goldstein , Alexander A. Katz , Roman Sklyar. Calcutta Math. Title: Poset pinball, highest forms, and n-2,2 Springer varieties. Authors: Barry Dewitt , Megumi Harada. Comments: 25 pages, minor changes in exposition, typos corrected. Title: Orthogonal polynomials and expansions for a family of weight functions in two variables. Authors: Yuan Xu. Authors: Y. Chan , A. Guttmann , B. Nickel , J.

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Comments: PDFLaTeX, 50 pages, 5 figures, zip file with series coefficients and background data in Maple format provided with the source files. Vs2: Added dedication and made several minor additions and corrections. Vs3: Minor corrections.

realization for linear control

Title: Marginal density estimation for linear processes with cyclical long memory. Authors: Ian Shipman. Comments: 27 pages. Extensively revised from previous version. Final version to appear in Compositio Mathematica. AG ; Category Theory math. Title: Coherent potential approximation for disordered bosons.

Authors: S. Schmittner , M.

corpoponew.tk Title: A crossed-product approach to the Cuntz-Li algebras. Kaliszewski , M. Landstad , John Quigg. Comments: Major revision and rearrangement; split Section 6 in order to use the generators and relations from Section 9 in a better way. Authors: Greg Muller. Title: Automorphism groups of Quandles. Elhamdadi , J. MacQuarrie , R.