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Of course, you can also utilize this for vulnerability detection and penetration testing as well. It will scan the system according to the components it detects. For example, if it detects Apache — it will run Apache-related tests for pin point information. In addition, it also gives you details of the plugins active.

Of course, a well-secured blog may not give you a lot of details, but it is still the best tool for WordPress security scans to find potential vulnerabilities. Aircrack-ng is a collection of tools to assess WiFi network security.

If you forgot the password of your own WiFi network — you can try using this to regain access. It may not be actively maintained anymore — but it is now on GitHub , so you can contribute working on it as well. Wireshark is the most popular network analyzer that comes baked in with Kali Linux.

It can be categorized as one of the best Kali Linux tools for network sniffing as well.

The Art of Hacking

Metsploit Framework is the most used penetration testing framework. It offers two editions — one open source and the second is the pro version to it.

With this tool, you can verify vulnerabilities, test known exploits, and perform a complete security assessment. Skipfish is a web application scanner that would give you insights for almost every type of web applications. In addition, its recursive crawl method makes it even better. For professional web application security assessments, the report generated by Skipfish will come in handy.

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Maltego is an impressive data mining tool to analyze information online and connect the dots if any. As per the information, it creates a directed graph to help analyze the link between those pieces of data. It comes pre-installed, however, you will have to sign up in order to select which edition you want to use. If you want for personal use, the community edition will suffice you just need to register for an account but if you want to utilize for commercial purpose, you need the subscription to the classic or XL version.

If you have a computer connected to a network, Nessus can help find vulnerabilities that a potential attacker may take advantage of. Of course, if you are an administrator for multiple computers connected to a network, you can make use of it and secure those computers.

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However, this is not a free tool anymore, you can try it free for 7 days on from its official website. Burp Suite Scanner is a fantastic web security analysis tool. Unlike other web application security scanner, Burp offers a GUI and quite a few advanced tools. However, the community edition restricts the features to only some essential manual tools.

For professionals, you will have to consider upgrading. It has been tailored for penetration testers to assess the security of a web browser. This is one of the best Kali Linux tools because a lot of users do want to know and fix the client-side problems when talking about web security.

Web Hacking

Apktool is indeed one of the popular tools found on Kali Linux for reverse engineering Android apps. Of course, you should make good use of it — for educational purposes. With this tool, you can experiment some stuff yourself and let the original developer know about your idea as well. If you were looking for an open source penetration testing tool — sqlmap is one of the best. It automates the process of exploiting SQL injection flaws and helps you take over database servers. John the Ripper is a popular password cracker tool available on Kali Linux.

But, if you are not interested in the community-enhanced version , you can choose the pro version for commercial use. Want real-time traffic analysis and packet logging capability? Snort has got your back. Even being an open source intrusion prevention system, it has a lot to offer. Autopsy is a digital forensic tool to investigate what happened on your computer. Well, you can also use it to recover images from SD card.

It is also being used by law enforcement officials. Ports on a computer are like any opening that allows entry into a house, whether that's the front door, side door, or garage door. Continuing the house analogy, services are the traffic that uses an expected entry point into the house. For example, salesmen use the front door, owners use the garage door, and friends use the side door. Just as we expect salesmen to use the front door, we also expect certain services to use certain ports on a computer. Our goal when port scanning is to answer three questions regarding the web server: 1.

What ports are open? What services are running on these ports? What versions of those services are running? If we can get accurate answers to these questions, we will have strengthened our foundation for attack. First released by Gordon "Fyodor" Lyon ii , Nmap continues to gain momentum as the world's best port scanner with added functionality in vulnerability scanning and exploitation. The most recent major release of Nmap at the time of this writing is version 6, and it includes a ton of functionality dedicated to scanning web servers.

Updating Nmap Before you start using with Nmap, be sure that you're running the most recent version by running the nmap -V command in a terminal.

1. Metasploit

I f you are not running version 6 or higher, you need to update Nmap. To perform the updating process, open a terminal in BackTrack and run the apt-get upgrade nmap command. To make sure you are running version 6 or higher, you can again use the nmap -V command after installation is complete. Running Nmap There are several scan types inNmap and switches that add even more functionality.

We already know the IP address of our web server so many of the scans in Nmap dedicated to host discovery finding an IP address of a server can be omitted as we are more interested in harvesting usable information about the ports, services, and versions running on the web server. From a terminal, run the following Nmap command. One oiNmap's most useful switches is fingerprinting the remote operating system to retrieve what services and versions are on the target.

Web App Hacking CTF w/ Burp Suite

Nmap sends a series of packets to the remote host and compares the responses to its nmap-os-db database of more than known operating system fingerprints. The results of our first scan are shown below. Nmap scan report for localhost Nmap done: 1 IP address 1 host up scanned in 9.

In this instance, we have four rows of results meaning we have four services running on this web server. It is pretty self-explanatory what is running on this machine your results may vary slightly depending on what you have running in your VM , but let's discuss each, so we are all on the same page with these Nmap results. Knowing the exact services and versions will be a great piece of information in the upcoming vulnerability scanning and exploitation phases.

There are also additional notes about the kernel version, the operating system build details, and the number of network hops 0 because we scanned our localhost.

21 Best Kali Linux Tools for Hacking and Penetration Testing

Alert Running Nmap against localhost can be deceiving, as the ports that are listening on the machine may not actually be available to another machine. In order to get a clear understanding of what is accessible by outsiders to this machine, you would actually need to run this same Nmap scan from two different machines. You could run one from a machine inside the network your coworker's machine and one from a machine outside network your home machine.

You would then have three scans to compare the results of. It's not critical that you do this for our work, but it's important to realize that you may get different results depending on what network you scan from. Nmap Scripting Engine NSE One of the ways that Nmap has expanded its functionality is the inclusion of scripts to conduct specialized scans. You simply have to invoke the script and provide any necessary arguments in order to make use of the scripts.

The Nmap Scripting Engim NSE handles this functionality and fortunately for us has tons of web-specific scripts ready to use. There are nearly Nmap scripts to be exact at last count , so you're sure to find a couple that are useful! Here are a couple applicable Nmap scripts that you can use on web servers. This example uses thehttp-enum script to enumerate directories used by popular web applications and servers as part of a version scan.